How To Save Money on Your Garage Door Repair

The garage door is one of those modern conveniences that everybody takes for granted and barely even thinks about – until it breaks, of course. When you need garage door repair, you’ve lost access to your vehicle, and that can obviously be very frustrating. Not only that, but a broken garage door can be a big safety hazard.

Of course, nobody wants to spend excessive amounts of money to fix these doors. While not all fixes can be labeled as ‘cheap,’ there are a few ways to ensure you aren’t wasting a ton of money on the road to repairs.

Find A Company Who Offers Free Estimates

When you aren’t sure what’s wrong with your garage door, it helps to find a company who offers free estimates. This means that someone will give you an idea of what’s wrong, and how much it is going to cost to fix it.

garage door repair

There are many companies who offer this service instead of charging you to come out and diagnose the issue. Not only will this save you a review fee, but it will let you know what to expect ahead of time, so you can be sure you’re financially prepared.

Prevention is Key

The best way to save way to save money is to ensure your garage door never needs repair in the first place – or, at the very least, as little as possible. The way to do this is through general upkeep all too many homeowners fail to do.

Remember to clear adequate space around the door, and oil all moving parts every three to four months. A quick cleaning before you oil is also helpful. The task of cleaning and oiling should take no more than an hour out of your time and can keep your garage door working efficiently.

Find Someone Who Will Do It Right the First Time

When you do need repair, you want to hire a company with plenty of experience and a good track record. Looking at online reviews can give you an idea of which companies excel at both repair and customer service.

 Ensuring someone will do it right the first time can save you the cost of having it fixed again because of shoddy craftsmanship. Some companies offer a guarantee on their work, just in case a part used has a manufacturing defect. This guarantee is a sure sign that you’ve found a company you can put faith in.